L’eclisse americana e Trump, alcuni link


Qui di seguito, in luogo della solita procedura di riportare il titolo **e** il link, per ragioni di praticità – e di caldo!! – si farà così: si riporta il titolo del link ed **accanto** lo stesso link.

“The Solar Eclipse Could Mean Disaster for Trump, According to Astrologers”,



The August 21st Solar Eclipse (“Mountain Astrolger”),

http://mountainastrologer.com/tma/august-21st-solar-eclipse. Tra l’altro, quest’ultimo link dà su quest’interessante pdf:



Solar Eclipse August 2017 ~ Virgin Queen ~ (“Darkastrology.com”),

Solar Eclipse 21 August 2017 New Moon, http://astrologyking.com/solar-eclipse-august-2017/.

War! DJT and the August Eclipse (“Sabian Earth”), https://sabianearth.com/2017/04/03/war-and-august-eclipse-2017/.

“Are the Lights Going Out On Donald Trump?
Donald Trump and the August 2017 Solar Eclipse”,


I Do Agree, In Deed

I do agree “as” – as they say on wrongly spoke English, better would be to say: **about** – a possible danger for economical recovery starting from a crisis in “emerging” – to tell the truth: **Emerged**!! – markets, in particular Chinese market:

“Bankers warn global crash could arrive ‘with a vengeance’”


Anche: “Great recession fears as bankers warn next global crash could arrive ‘with a vengeance’”.