Un vecchio scritto (1999)

Allego qui un vecchio scritto del 1999, diciannove anni fa. Viene a proposito delle prossime elezioni europee, del 2019, tutti nove: notato come si ripeta questa cifra ….

Manifesto per (1999, correzioni del 2018)





I can’t but agree: Big problem’s Deflation, **not** Inflation

“Deflation Coming Not Inflation – Charles Nenner –”


I cannot but agree: The problem is Deflation and **not** Inflation. But then: Why did we end in such a “cul-de-sac”?

It’s a long story, but this “phenomenon” is coherent and “consustantial” to the story and the funding mechanisms of Capitalism. And nothing – understand this, please – nothing which has been don up to now, the biggest “money stimulus” in history has changed this.

And so, what’s wrong? Something basic, something substantial, fundamental, related to the very roots that make Capitalism function. In fact, the “normal” cure would have been the rise of inflation, but this cannot be in our times, for those fundamental reasons.

All would start to adjust if – and only if – the inflation may rise but no money stimulus can achieve this, and, I wanna be clear, I can understand why the money stimuli were implemented: In the very situation we were ten years ago there were no other solutions but the stale of the **entire** System. So it was a forced choice. But no money stimulus and no return to more or less mythic “reagonomics” can achieve this goal. So what?? Ah ah … No return to an acceptable demand and to a sufficient level of consume can be achieved by any means like making the money flow like a river or tax cuts. It is impossible, their capacity to solve the situation is zero. For the cause of the problem lies in completely other parts of the functioning of the System.







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