Soros sull’Europa, link “What Next After Brexit”


“George Soros: The European Union Is Heading For A ‘Disorderly Disintegration’”

“Forbes Flashback: How George Soros Broke The British Pound And Why Hedge Funds Probably Can’t Crack The Euro”


“What Next After Brexit?”




Un link sulla saggezza degli Ojibway


‘Ojibway Heritage’

(Tratto dal libro

Johnston, Basil, Ojibway Heritage,

University of Nebraska Press, Lincoln, 1990.  [Originally published in 1976.])

Vi si legge:

“People couldn’t enjoy good health and good life if they were disconnected from their history.”

Un ammonimento particolarmente utile di quetsi tempi astoric ed antistorici,

ma, pradossalmente solo apparentemente,

travolti dal tempo e dalla storia stessa