Link interessanti (tra cui: Merrill Lynch sul petrolio – astrologia ed elezione Clinton-Trump)

“Merrill Lynch Expects A 46% Jump In Oil Prices By June 2017”


“Donald Trump And Hillary Clinton’s Telling Astrocartography And The Importance Of The Relocated Chart”


Sempre sulle questioni economiche, direi che questo link è anche interessante:

“Something happened in the latest home sales figures: Biggest national sales decline since April 2011.”

Riguardo alle questioni politiche, inestricabilmente intrecciate, or sempre, con quelle economiche, DAREI UN’OCCHIATA ALLE VOCI RICORRENTI D’ENTRATE DEI RIBELLI ANTI-ASSA’D ED ANTI-ISIS DALLA TURCHIA, ed inoltre, darei un’occhiata alle notizie di sempre maggiore presenza KURDA in Syria nell’attuale lotta, che **nessuno, in realtà, vuol davvero** fermare, se non ipocritamente.







Link di G. Monbiot, ed altri link

“The Zombie Doctrine”


Alcune introduttive frasi dal “The ZombieDoctrine”: “Crisis after crisis is being caused by a failed ideology. But it cannot be stopped without a coherent alternative”.


Ancora: “It’s as if the people of the Soviet Union had never heard of communism. The ideology that dominates our lives has, for most of us, no name. Mention it in conversation and you’ll be rewarded with a shrug.
Even if your listeners have heard the term before, they will struggle to define it. Neoliberalism: do you know what it is?
Its anonymity is both a symptom and cause of its power. It has played a major role in a remarkable variety of crises: the financial meltdown of 2007-8, the offshoring of wealth and power, of which the Panama Papers offer us merely a glimpse, the slow collapse of public health and education, resurgent child poverty, the epidemic of loneliness, the collapse of ecosystems, the rise of Donald Trump. But we respond to these crises as if they emerge in isolation, apparently unaware that they have all been either catalysed or exacerbated by the same coherent philosophy; a philosophy that has – or had – a name. What greater power can there be than to operate namelessly?”.


Anche interessante è questo link: “The Revenge of the Lower Classes and the Rise of American Fascism”. Di cui la parte 2 è a questo link: Idem, p. 2.


Anche questo recente testo (2012) è interessante, in relazione a cotesto dibattito: “Masters of the Universe: Hayek, Friedman, and the Birth of Neoliberal Politics”, by D. Stedman Jones. Di quest’ultimo testo, l’Introduzione può essere letta liberamente in formato pdf: Idem, Intro. (pdf).




Un interessante link

“Hobson’s Choice”, da “FINANCIAL SENSE. Applying Common Sense to the Markets”


“Hobson’s Choice” (da EPSILON THEORY), lo stesso in formato pdf

La “Hobson’s Choice” (la SCELTA DI HOBSON”) è quando tu hai un’apparente ventaglio di scelte quando, invece, sei costretto a poterne fare **una sola**, di fatto.

Come quel vecchio sketsch, in cui diceva il venditore “Cheeseburger! Cheeseburger! Cheeseburger!”, e c’era un Menu ricchissimo, ed arrivava il cliente, che scegleva su quel vasto Menu; poi, il venditore dicveva al cuoco solo una cosa: “Cheeseburger!”.

In una parola, c’era solo una scelta, ma, sulla carta – **solo** sulla carta …, vi era un Menu vastissimo…


It’s democracy, baby!!





Link di astrologia mondana, H. Clinton, Erdoghan, Deutsche Bank

“Annular Solar Eclipse – September 1, 2016” – W.

Molto interessanti i commenti su Erdoghan e sulla Deutsche Bank, quest’ultima **molto** sottovalutata, come pericolosità, nel momento attuale, in cui si è data più attenzione ad altri fattori di crisi (oggi ce n’è solo l’imbarazzo, nella fase di crescente **dissoluzione** che si sta vivendo), altri fattori di crisi che son sì, certo, molto importanti, non però così potenzialmente pericolosi come la DB ed altre banche similari …

Dice Stickevers, dal link qui sopra citato:

“The eclipse opposes the Deutsche Bank Venus at 10 Pisces. The eclipse also conjuncts Deutsche Bank Solar Arc Neptune. Transiting Neptune is also conjunct Venus, and both Mars and Saturn squares it as well. As noted earlier the effect of Solar Eclipses are noticeable 90 days prior to the event, and we can see this action with the Deutsche Bank’s announcement of major fall in revenue and income. Deutsche Bank’s share price fell by 5.3 percent in early trading on July 27th after it announced second-quarter net income was down 98 percent from the same period in the previous year, to 20 million euros ($22 million). As it approaches its 5th Saturn Return that will occur near the Total Solar Eclipse of August 2017, Deutsche Bank’s balance sheet fell some 48 percent.  Deutsche Bank shares now trade for two-thirds less than tangible book value which is a steeper discount than even during the depths of the financial crisis. Also, Deutsche Bank is sitting on a large pile of non-performing loans and has $72.8 trillion in derivatives contracts — an amount that is twenty times greater than German GDP — and has a leverage ratio of 40:1”.

Ancora continua così:

“Keep in mind that Lehman at the time of its collapse in September 2008, had a leverage ratio of 31:1. The Solar Eclipse augurs that Deutsche Bank’s could be the first Too Big To Fail bank to collapse since 2008. This would result in a massive liquidity crisis in Europe and across the globe and to an unwinding of the derivatives.  However, unlike the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008, in which the Western Central banks were able to contain (due to the $16 trillion in bailout funds injected into the banks worldwide by the Federal Reserve), a failure of Deutsche Bank would trigger a systemic banking contagion the likes of which the world has never seen”.