Su problemi economici e sul dibattito recente di Hillary – ed altro -, link

“The Importance of Deutsche Bank for the Global Financial System”

“Where the *Bleep* Is Germany’s Gold?”, del **febbraio 2014**!!


“In U-Turn Shocker, Saudis Choose Higher Prices Over Free Oil Markets”


“Repeat of 2008 Financial Crisis Coming-Only Worse-Peter Schiff”

“Everyone thinks they are middle class: The false perceptions many Americans hold.”

“Hillary’s Debate Performance Was Not Good Enough to Stop Her Slide in the Polls”


“6 Groups that Will Win Big From a War with Syria”, articolo del **settembre 2013!!**

“The Era of Fiat Currency Capitalism”, giugno 2013!!

“ISIS is facing a ‘state of collapse’ in its largest city”


“OPEC Agrees to First Oil Output Cut in Eight Years”


“Yuan Volatility Drops to Three-Week Low Before China Holidays”


“Who is Donald Trump?”

La risposta D. Trump è la risposta **sbagliata** – come quella di Berlusconi in Italia, “mutatis mutandis” – ad un problema **vero*: la percezione che l’America non è più la più grande nazione del mondo:

Why America is NOT the greatest country in the world, anymore.

La (CATTIVA) traduzione italiana è a questo link: Cosa rende grande gli USA? – The Newsroom 1×01 [ITA] –.


“Last but not least” (ultimo per ordine ma non per importanza), ‘Why a “Hard Brexit” Looms for Britain’ .







12 thoughts on “Su problemi economici e sul dibattito recente di Hillary – ed altro -, link

  1. Da:, una giusta osservazione (ma **errate**, poi, conclusioni), passo, di giuste osservazioni, che si riporta qui sotto a seguire:

    “The neo-conservative globalists who want Hillary to continue pushing their agenda are the more visible camp, but another less visible but highly motivated camp realizes Hillary and her neo-con agenda would severely damage the nation’s security and its global influence. It is this camp that is arranging for Hillary to lose.
    The consensus view seems to be that the Establishment and the Deep State see Trump as a loose cannon who might upset the neo-con apple cart by refusing to toe the neo-con line.
    This view overlooks the reality that significant segments of the Deep State view the neo-con strategy as an irredeemable failure. To these elements of the Deep State, Hillary is a threat precisely because she embraces the failed neo-con strategy and those who cling to it. From this point of view, Hillary as president would be an unmitigated disaster for the Deep State and the nation/Imperial Project it governs”.

  2. America is waiting – David Byrne & Brian Eno – [America **Was** Waiting, to tell the truth …]

    Point Break: Mark Isham – Original Movie Score: ‘Skydive’ –

    Perhaps not very “soft” landing …? …?

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