Ascolta sinistra …

Anche in America si sono accorti del “segreto di Pulcinella”, molto probabilmente troppo tardi …

“Should all this go on—and it will—those kids of ours are going to be educated on certain matters far better than we ever were. They will know to laugh at the old middle-class promise—retirement, pension, a better life than the previous generation had—because it is propaganda so transparent it sounds like something the Soviet Union used to put out. They will understand that this isn’t a commonwealth; it’s a workhouse. And that’s where we are, eight years post-hope. Growth that doesn’t grow; prosperity that doesn’t prosper. The country, we now understand, is simply no longer arranged in such a way as to make its citizens economically secure.” Da: “Listen, Liberal”.


8 thoughts on “Ascolta sinistra …

  1. How the Democratic Party Failed By Repudiating Their Legacy as ‘The Party of the People’,

  2. What Happened to Liberalism in America?

    Nothing Left: The Long, Slow Surrender of American Liberals (w/ Adolph Reed Jr.)

  3. “1917—365 days that shook the world
    1917 opened a trapdoor to the future, less because of the Russian Revolution than because the US seized its chance to lead. It has continued to do so—until now…”,

  4. Per tornare all’argomento del link di questo post: “Welcome to the post-liberal world – Donald Trump has shattered the post-war consensus -”,

  5. Al primo articolo il cui link è stato riportato, il ricordo del 1917, risponde Fukuyama (sì, quello della “fine della storia” che più che altro è stata la fine del “domnium” amricano …) con quest’articolo: “America: the failed state – America’s political rot is infecting the world order. This could be as big as the Soviet collapse -”,

    Alcuni passi da quest’articolo:
    ‘Trump addresses the 2016 Republican National Convention: “the greatness which Trump promises to regain will not be that which America used to imagine for itself” ’.

    Ancora due altri passi:
    “Trump may well accelerate the established trend for a significantly reduced American role in the world” –
    “Rewriting trade deals could lead to a downward global spiral reminiscent of the 30s” -.

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