Sull’ingresso di Urano in Toro

Alcuni link, forse utili, sull’argomento detto nel titolo:


“Uranus in Taurus The Great Financial Revolution”

“Cryptos and the coming Financial Meltdowns”





7 thoughts on “Sull’ingresso di Urano in Toro

  1. Un investitore così si regola, cf.

    Va sempre detto che Urano può portare subite salite, seguite da rapide discese, quindi son mercati altamente volatili.
    Personalmente cosiglierei prudenza, in quanto Urano e Toro son in disaccordo: la natura esplosiva di Urano non va d’accordo con quella lenta e graduale del Toro; è andata, di certo, ben più d’accordo con quella del segno precedente.
    Ma ovviamente ognuno si regola come crede.

  2. “Uranus was last in Taurus from ~1935 to 1943, a period of time that encompasses most of the Great Depression. During the Great Depression we say unemployment rise considerable in most nations, up to 25% in America and up to 33% elsewhere. In other words almost 1 out of 3 people on the planet were without jobs, basically – a LOT. From the early 1940s onward the global economy slowly began to pick up, many giving thanks to one of the most infamous wars in history, World War II – which lastly 1939 to 1945. I wouldn’t, however, attribute WWII solely to Uranus in Taurus, even if it is in Fall. At the same time Neptune was in Virgo (in detriment) and Pluto was in the sign of Leo, which I personally consider to be its fall. Uranus moved into Gemini from 1943 to 1950, during this time we saw much advancement in science and technology with the invention of the microwave oven, the jet airplane, the jeep, velco, television, and radar.
    I’ll stop there (for now) because I find Uranus in Gemini to be interesting in the scheme of all this, the last time Uranus was in Gemini Pluto was in Leo (opposite Aquarius), and Neptune was in Libra (opposite Aries), so we come full circle now to a rehashing of these outer planetary energies – the same setup but opposite signs. This time will they be focused more globally, at humanity as a whole or bridge together the individual, Neptune in Aries, with all of humanity, Pluto in Aquarius, with communication and technology playing a pivotal role? Not to mention right before all these transits Jupiter and Saturn will conjoin at 0 Aquarius (2020) and start a new cycle of Air conjunctions. Is this the beginning of the “Age of Aquarius”, the start of a new global paradigm, a new world war? Taking bets on all sides, love to hear some input.”

  3. “Lower asset prices aren’t the result of a recession. They cause the recession. That’s because access to credit drives consumer spending and business investment.
    Take it away and they decline. Recession follows.”, da:, un interessante post, che andrebbe meditato, a mio avviso.

    Poi quest’ultio link dà l’accesso, ad un altro link, anch’esso interessante, cf.

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