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“The Reichstag Fire Horoscope and Donald Trump” – da –

GEORGE SOROS: ‘These times are not business as usual. Wishing you the best in a troubled world’,

Anche: GEORGE SOROS: ‘Trump is a con man and he will fail’,


“A Defense Against the Rising Evil”, da




“Steve Bannon Believes The Apocalypse Is Coming And War Is Inevitable”, dall’

Temo Bannon non abbia capito in che tipo di “Apocalypse” e di guerra lui sia già in, in quanto si limita alle classiche posizioni cosnervatrici, dove la cosiddetta “aristocrazia di Washington” sarebbe contro la “mentalità guideo-cristiana” -: le cose non stanno esattamente così ….









Ascolta sinistra …

Anche in America si sono accorti del “segreto di Pulcinella”, molto probabilmente troppo tardi …

“Should all this go on—and it will—those kids of ours are going to be educated on certain matters far better than we ever were. They will know to laugh at the old middle-class promise—retirement, pension, a better life than the previous generation had—because it is propaganda so transparent it sounds like something the Soviet Union used to put out. They will understand that this isn’t a commonwealth; it’s a workhouse. And that’s where we are, eight years post-hope. Growth that doesn’t grow; prosperity that doesn’t prosper. The country, we now understand, is simply no longer arranged in such a way as to make its citizens economically secure.” Da: “Listen, Liberal”.